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HIV/AIDS Education,Care and Support

100_0479 (146K)Following a need assessment survey conducted by Kirc Foundation it was found the HIV/AIDS infections is on the increase in the central region the prevalence rate has increased from 1.7% in 2010 to 4.7% in 2011.

After organizing a number of voluntary counseling and testing sessions, we realized that people who test positive become either dejected or decide to go wild and infect others.

Upon investigation it was realized that society rejected them thereby making life unbearable for them. For these reasons Kirc Foundation decided to form the positive tested into an association. This attracted others who had nowhere to go. They joined the association and are comfortable.

Most women and young engage in petty trading for their livelihood. In most cases the financial resources are not enough to cater for their numerous needs. This makes them engage in some sex trade of a sort (not total prostitution) where they come into contact with their male counterparts who are sexually active; this exposes them to risk of HIV/AIDS infection. Some girls fall prey to their male counterparts who take advantage of them in order to provide a little financial help.

There are a lot of children born by teenage mothers and a number of abortions caused in private clinics to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. This is a clear indication that no preventive methods are used, hence the risk of quick spread of the HIV.

Goals/Objectives of project

We hope to provide care and support for PLHIVs by organizing monthly meetings, helping them to overcome the problem of discrimination, have confidence in themselves and help provide skills training for them, if possible. We also hope to disseminate accurate information on HIV/AIDS pandemic and also help reach out to counsel the youth women and children on safe sex and behavior change and prevention. We also hope to cater for a number of OVCs, perform theatre, distribute condoms and provide skills training, among other activities, to help reduce the spread of the pandemic.

Target audience

Our target population is people living with AIDS (PLWHIVs) orphans, commercial sex, workers and vulnerable children (OVCs), the youth, especially adolescents, women, street children, and the general public between the ages of 6-49 years who form the majority of the population.

Geographical area

We hope to cover about thirty (30) communities and basic schools in the K.E.E.A municipality of the central region.

Results to be achieved

We hope that information of HIV/AIDS reach 250,000 people in the communities, twenty PLWHA's, support and care for ten (10) OVCs, five (5) caregivers trained and counseling sessions organized for women and adolescents.