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Shaping the future of youths in Ghana

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The Kirc Foundation is an NGO that supports education in the 16 communities of the Komenda Edina Eguafo Municipality in Central Ghana. The Foundation was created in 2008 and officially registered as an NGO in 2010.

The Kirc Foundation has been involved in all areas of Education from simple to involved.

Kirc has provided a teacher for where there was no teacher.

Kirc uniquely integrated the Health directive with the Educational Directive by providing for the health needs of the student s. For example, Kirc organized reproductive health education modules for 9 selected schools in Elmina.

Kirc organized Career training education for over 10 basic schools.

But the Kirc Foundation also operates in the 21st Century.

Kirc has its own website where daily activities can be published and archived.

Kirc is part of a pan African NGO organization of over 60 NGOs.

Kirc is collaborating with the Enabling Support Foundation and Peace Flame and has joined as partner for the Cooperative Learning Centers, a 10 computer network with Internet connections which will be used to guide students into the 21st Century. It will also provide the network needs of the Kirc organization. The remaining time would be available to members to the Cooperative at a competitive rate and the proceeds will be used to maintain and expand the center.

The Kirc Foundation has created this on a shoestring. We are actively seeking funding as part of the Peace Flame initiative.

  • Stop HIV/AIDS

    Following a need assessment survey conducted by Kirc Foundation it was found the HIV/AIDS infections is on the increase...
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  • Our Location

    Elmina is the major town in the KEEA municipality Elmina is a 700 year old town located on the coast of Central region of Ghana...
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  • Volunteer

    By collaborating with CEWEFIA, The Director of Kirc foundation Bernard Benyah has received foreign volunteers from USA and places the in vital places...
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We are based in Ghana, a very peaceful country in West Africa with lots of challenges to its development. Ghana faces problems in areas such as: poor health and health facilities, insufficient Educational resources (human resources and materials), HIV/AIDS pandemic, Malaria, Tuberculosis, inadequate or lack of drinking water, poor communications and attitude (over reliance on government support or foreign aid for development, culturally inherited superstitions), and in certain areas children cannot go to school due to financial difficulties.

Taking into consideration all these challenges and knowing that the government cannot solve these challenges alone, we believe the involvement of the private sector in the quest for development would greatly assist those individuals and communities affected. Our love and strong desire to influence and improve people's lives brought about the establishment of Kirc Foundation.