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Discover Central Ghana

Kirc Foundation is located in Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana. Elmina to cape coast is just about 5 minute drives.

The Central Region is one of Ghana's ten administrative regions. It is bordered by the Ashanti and Eastern region to the west Greater Accra region to the east and to the south by the Atlantic Ocean. It capital is Cape coast.

The region is divided into two namely the southern and the northern part. The southern part is noted for it salt and fishing activities which stretches from the shores of Kasoa,Winniba,Apam,Saltpond,Kormantste,Anomabo,Biriwa,Cape Coast,Elmina,Komenda and a host of others.

Fishing in Elmina has a potential as a tourist attraction .On a fishing day the cluster of canoes and people on landing site.

The northern part of the region also boost of it Agriculture and resource activities

The region is also known as the heartbeat of Ghana's tourist sector because of it pivoted role it plays in the development of tourist in the country. These include

Having you wondered why the commercial activities of the Europeans were intensely focused along the coastal zone of Ghana for the nearly 4 centuries. The castles and fort in Ghana constitute the treasure for excellence, a legacy of Ghana historical past as much as modern Ghana and Africa and the world at large. The rough built on African soil their authors come from Europe Portugal, France Sweden among others.

Central regions abound in wildlife and natural reserves. The tropical climate and the continental wind system sustain a wide variety of endangered species such as lions, leopards hippopotamus, crocodile,spotted hyenas, civet cat,bongos,antelopes ,monkeys,porcupinned,marine turtile,birds,butterflies,and many more The region outstanding indigenous conservation culture date back to the pre colonial era. It also has protected area such as the national parks, resourse reserve, and wildlife of international importance.

The pristine coconut line beaches that line Ghana 540km coastline are well noted for their cool serenity, beautification sunset and breathtaking view over the Atlantic Ocean. The shore lives from east to west houses, the modern cities and town in the region. The flat sandy beaches are ideal for swimming, sun bathing, beach, parties and picnic.

About Elmina

Elmina is the major town in the KEEA municipality Elmina is a 700 year old town located on the coast of Central region of Ghana .It is the capital of the four distinct traditional areas or status.

Elmina is the most common and popular of the three names by which the town is called .The other two names and Edina and Anomansa.Edina, the second name of the town is a corruption of Portuguese retired to after the days work in and around the St. George's Castle. The local population commonly uses this name. The name Elmina is derived from the Portuguese "La Mina" for "The mine". The Portuguese settled and built the St. George Castle in the town in 1482.

Elmina is simultaneously the headquarters of KEEA and the capital of Edina (or Elmina) traditional area of the political municipality. The Edina State comprises the town itself with 26 other villages and hamlets covering and area of approximately 660 square kilometers. The traditional paramount chief is called Omanhene.

Elmina attract about 100,000 tourist annually (of which 50,000 are foreign tourists).Many of them visit the world- heritage protected St. George Castle and The fort coenraadsburg on the St. Jago Hill, the main cultural heritage attractions in the area. The historical building have played significant role in the interactions in the area. These historical building have played a significant role in the interaction of Elmina and Ghana with European countries especially the Portuguese, Dutch and the English since the 15 the century.

By virtue of it size ,population, infrastructure(although comparatively small),history relatively higher job opportunities (tourist, Fishing and salt industries) and because it house the office of KEEA municipal Assembly ,Elmina is not only the capital of KEEA but also the hub of development of the municipality.