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Shaping the future of youths in Ghana

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Our Projects

100_0479 (146K)KIRC FOUNDATION has been challenged with harmful cultural practices that affect the reproductive health of women and girls. Traditional and church leaders have been sensitized to that effect.

KIRC FOUNDATION has also trained the youths to be Community Health Educators and Advocates for sexual and reproductive health and human right.

KIRC FOUNDATION runs seminars for organized young women, adolescent and the youths to help reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, gives information and education on contraceptive for safe sex and also negotiations skills and self assertiveness.

KIRC FOUNDATION transforms the perception of the youth on sex and gender.

100_0475 (178K)KIRC FOUNDATION has been educating the rural communities on the convention of the elimination of all form of Discrimination against Women (CEDAN) and making the people aware of the Human Right, Sexual and Reproductive Health Right of Women.

KIRC FOUNDATION has been training young women on identified occupation/Vocational skills and on credit utilization, Organizing training sessions reading and writing for illiterate women to enhance their social and economic activities, organizing annual civic awareness programme for women political aspirants.

To date KIRC FOUNDATION has worked with over 5000 fishmongers and traders, adult men and women, young people, children, traditional leaders, caring and supporting HIV/AIDS victims, AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable children and changed the negative social practices of over 3000 rural people including Adolescents in the Central Region of Ghana.

HIV/AIDS Education,Care and Support

100_0479 (146K)Following a need assessment survey conducted by Kirc Foundation it was found the HIV/AIDS infections is on the increase in the central region the prevalence rate has increased from 1.7% in 2010 to 4.7% in 2011. After organizing a number of voluntary counseling and testing sessions, we realized that people who test positive become either dejected or decide to go wild and infect others.

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