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100_0455 (156K) By collaborating with CEWEFIA, The Director of Kirc foundation Bernard Benyah has received foreign volunteers from USA and places the in vital places where their services are most needed. Volunteers have the opportunity to mix cement and sand using shovel. They also fetched some of the concrete for a contraction work here.

The organization also had the opportunities to teaching in various schools. The felt the love and passion for the work.

The volunteers together with Bernard Benyah and many other people went to Natrona where the disseminate HIV/AIDs information to the people in communities. With the assistance of a community health nurse they tested and counsel people on their HIV/AIDs Status. They show much care and love to PLHIV.

Volunteering is open to all individuals in any part of the world regardless of their race, religion, sex and status, and one does not require any specialized skills to volunteer in our programs since a wide range of services are provided by this organization. In other words, both experts and less experienced individuals can volunteer in our programs.

Volunteering as a teacher in one of our local schools (Nursery, Primary, Junior High, Senior High), you can choose to teach any of the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Studies (ICT), Social Studies, French, Geography, History, Accounting, Business Management, Technical Drawing, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Music, or any other skills you are interested in teaching.

Volunteers can also choose to teach in an orphanage which includes caring for the orphans. Some volunteers choose to provide material assistance including clothing, food, medicine, books .etc to support the orphanages.

Volunteering as a health professional or medical student, you can share your expertise and help train local staff, diagnose and treat patients, and provide health education in any of our local hospitals or health institutions. You can also help lead HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis campaigns, and provide health advice to the youth and students in our local schools. We will also gladly accommodate any medical students or professionals with any specialized skills that you may like to contribute.

Individuals, groups, organizations may also choose to volunteer and support in any other volunteering opportunities available in our community development projects. Opportunities include: Human Rights Campaigns, Advocate against Child Trafficking, Administrative Assistants, Project Managers, Project Co-coordinators, Accountants, Auditors, Proposal Writers, Web Designers, Motivational Speakers, skill training and many more.

You can volunteer as a coach or sports teacher to assist in training our local sports or football team. You may volunteer as a Physical Education teacher, or coach sports such as football, table tennis and volleyball. You can also help organize sports tournaments and competitions between schools.

Kirc Foundation facilitates the construction of ICT training centers, building and rebuilding of schools and health centers, construction of boreholes and pipe borne water, and other project support such as farming.

We invite organizations, schools and individuals who are willing to participate in these developmental community projects. Volunteers are open to lend any other specialized skills that they have to train local communities and improve the lives of those in need. We also seek funding, either financially or with the provision of materials, to sustain these important projects.

Volunteer (143K)Volunteer Cost

Unlike other international placement NGOs that organize volunteer experiences there are no overseas administration costs for volunteering at Kirc foundation. Kirc foundation recognizes the importance of volunteers and aims to make it as affordable as possible. We also like to stress that 100% of these fees go directly into the project.
1-Week -------- $150
2-Weeks -------- $290
3-Weeks -------- $410
1-Month-(4weeks) -------- $500
6-weeks -------- $700
2-Months-(8weeks) -------- $920
3-Months-(12weeks) -------- $1310
4-Months-(16weeks) -------- $1640
5-Months-(20weeks) -------- $1940
6-Months-(24weeks) -------- $2150
Each additional month after 6 months is only $200!
The money you give is used for your food and accommodation and also benefits of our project.These fees include airport pick-up and transportation to Elmina. If you arrive late at night, lodging will be provided for the night in Accra. Local transportation and personal trips as well as other fees (your visa for instance) are not included in your fees. The currency in Ghana is Ghanaian Cedis (GHS) and Cedis are a closed currency so you will not able to exchange your money before you arrive in Ghana. There is both a bureau exchange and an ATM at the airport.

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